10 Horrifying Facts About Processed Foods You Probably Didn’t Know

Processed foods are cheap, easy to get and take a little amount of time and effort to prepare. Microwaveable meals and canned foods may be delicious and convenient, but they are not doing your health any favors. The FDA defines processed food as any food item that has been subject to milling, dehydration, freezing, cooking or canning. By this definition, most foods can be regarded as processed foods. These foods contain ingredients that are usually harmful to your body. This list contains 10 horrifying facts about processed foods you probably didn’t know.

Disgusting Ingredients

Titanium dioxide, which is usually used in sunscreens and paints, is also found in cake icing, coffee creamers and salad dressings.

Shorten Lifespan

Consuming a diet high in processed foods has been proven to take years off a person’s life.