10 Hilarious Ways Dogs Have Fallen Asleep

There seems to be no limit to the ways our pets can entertain us. They provide us company and unconditional love, they can perform some amazing tricks for our pleasure, and they can surprise us in many unusual ways. Even watching your pet sleep can be extremely entertaining at times. This list features 10 hilarious pictures of dogs going to sleep in different ways. I don’t know how they can sleep in some of these positions, but they sure look comfortable and peaceful!

Dozing Back

Most dogs rest their heads down when they try to nap, but this one doesn’t seem to care about these rules.

Cuddle Buddies

We aren’t the only animals that love to cuddle while we sleep!

Diving Into Sleep

This dog seems to have nose dived into some deep sleep.

Big Brown Blanket

The little one has found the warmest place in the house and he sure looks comfortable in his/her blanket.


Is this dog sleeping or playing a round of peek-a-boo?

Reaching Beyond

Sometimes your bed doesn’t seem to cover the right areas when you really want to relax!

Ying Yang Puppies

You could make a crude ’69’ joke here, but it looks more like the cutest ying-yang in the world!

Dressed For Sleep

This pup seems to have picked out the right outfit to sleep comfortably!

Lean On Me

These buddies have gotten all too comfortable while leaning on each other for support.

Close Friends

Dogs don’t care about personal boundaries. They just want to be close to you while they get some sleep.