10 Hilarious Examples Of Karma That’ll Leave You Satisfied

The old saying about Karma says that what goes around, comes around. These particular pictures show that when you don’t treat people with the utmost respect, when you decide to ignore their wants and feelings, you are going to find yourself on the pointy end of Karma’s long spear. That’s never a good thing, because Karma likely won’t kill you, but it will certainly make things hurt a little bit. Sometimes Karma will get you just by causing you a great deal of annoyance. Other times, it will get you by bringing a great amount of embarrassment and on the rare occasion, Karma will cost you some serious coin. Check out of list of 10 hilarious examples of instant Karma that’ll you leave you satisfied.

The Sickest of Sick Burns

Props to this particular wife who found a way to burn her husband and his mistress, all while looking like she was indeed above it all.

Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time

This picture is of kids who egged a man’s house and then got caught. The man made the kids clean up the mess they made.