10 Genius People Who Took Laziness To A Whole New Level

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When we say that somebody is lazy, we usually refer to people being lazy in a negative way. Laziness is usually linked to not wanting to do things, such as finishing tasks half way or not doing them at all. That is completely valid, but sometimes the lazy people also have some incredible ideas which they deserve to be given credit for – such as their laziness pushing them to be creative and find the smartest ways to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Here are ten genius people who took laziness to a whole new level.


Why walk when you can be dragged by your dog instead?

Most Comfortable TV Watching

When your laziness reaches a level where you have to turn your TV on the side – you know you’ve officially made it.

Cupboard Mouse Pad

The use of the cupboard as a mouse pad had us laughing.

Self-driven Lawn Mower

Wasting time on menial tasks such as mowing the lawn is now cured by this incredible lazy invention.

Phone Holder

Unless you’re watching a movie, how do you use your phone if it’s like this?

Box Chair

Why would you need a chair… when you have a box with the chair in it?

-1 Hour

Because taking down the clock and adjusting it would take 20 second longer than writing it on a piece of paper and sticking it on the wall.

Road Sleeper

This… is actually not a bad idea for a police officer or a road worker. We have to say, though, he’s very brave!

Toe Nail Painting

Pssst! Let us tell you a secret – all women have done this at least once in their life.

Popcorn Hoodie

There was just no room for that bowl, alright?!