10 Fake Stories The World Fell For In 2015

News-wise, 2015 was a whirlwind. Paris suffered two separate terror attacks, one million refugees arrived in Europe and Donald Trump could actually become the next US president. And that’s without all the crazy Kardashian clan things happening daily. However, some people still thought it’d be a fun thing to make stories up and get the public to lose it completely so they went and invented a whole new level of crazy to satisfy their cravings. There’s been some clearly mad and some actually plausible stories published in 2015 that were completely fake and we’ve gathered them in the list below.

Poland’s Nazi Gold Train

Recently, two treasure hunters told the world they had discovered a Nazi train stacked with gold and jewels buried just outside the Polish town of Walbrzych. As soon as the news broke, the city was swamped with treasure hunters and press. However, the train was nowhere to be found.

Men Catcalling Their Own Mothers

The video called “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” became a global phenomenon in 2014 showing hidden cameras catching men yelling sexist things to women walking the streets of New York City. The next series was called “Whistling at Your Mom” and was shot in Peru, showing two catcallers tricked into wolf-whistling their own mothers. However, the video was completely fake.