10 Facts About Cleopatra You Never Knew

The name Cleopatra generally conjures up the picture of a gorgeous and sensual woman in our minds. However, she had remarkable convincing powers and was very intelligent. Cleopatra was the last of a series of rulers known as the Ptolemies who reigned Egypt for 300 years. She reigned an empire that included part of modern-day Libya, Cyprus, Egypt and other territories in the Middle East. Here are some more things you may not know about this charming lady.

Eye Make-Up

According to research, Cleopatra’s eye make-up was not only for looks, it also protected the Egyptian queen from disease. Lead salts contained in the make-up helped to protect against eye diseases.


The legend that Egyptian queen committed suicide after the defeat of her forces to the oppositional leader Octavian may not be true. The story goes that Cleopatra voluntarily succumbed to an asp’s bite, a snake that is linked with symbols of royalty in Egyptian architecture and art. However, the latest speculation is that the queen actually died from ingesting a fatal dose of poisons.