10 Disgusting Food Items People Actually Consume

We’ve heard of people eating a lot of different items, and everyone has their own style and taste, but these ten items certainly take the cake for being the most disgusting foods consumed by regular people. If you want to eat something incredibly strange, then by all means, please do so. However, there are plenty of other, normal people out there who will refuse to put something like this in their mouth to eat. Just imagine slowly chomping down on a piece of cow lung.


Kangaroo is easily one of the toughest creatures to tackle, as they are known to attack and fight humans. However, within Australia, the meat of this particular marsupial is considered one of the country’s few delicacies.

Cow Tongue

Cow Tongue certainly sounds disgusting, but certain countries find it to be completely edible. In fact, they fear letting the cow go to waste at all, so they stick the cow’s tongue in a soup or cook it in a pan and eat it right up.