20 Of The Funniest Camping Photos Of All Time

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Ahh camping, spending time in the great outdoors with family and friends to get back to nature. It’s arguable that camping is even more important in our interconnected, wired world where we spend more time on our cell phones than talking to our fellow humans. That got us thinking — there must be some pretty funny camping photos floating around the internet. What we found had us rolling on the floor and packing our bags for a camping trip in the hopes of upping these individuals. Before you join us on an epic camping trip fully of smores and craziness, be sure to check out these photos – you won’t be disappointed. So, without further ado, here are 20 Of The Funniest Camping Photos Of All Time.

Chivalry Truly Is Dead

This guy’s mother obviously never taught him how to properly treat a lady – as he seems to be more interested in his bike.

Directions Are Important

Whoever led this mass camping trip clearly didn’t follow the park’s directions.

A Sense Of Humor Is Important

When you’re on your own camping trip, it’s important to remember that life is short and in addition to getting back to nature, you should try to relax and have fun.

This Guy Obviously Wasn’t In The Boy Scouts

We’re pretty sure tying down your tent is the first thing they teach you when camping for the first time in the Boy Scouts.

A Midnight Snack – For The Bear

We’re all for a good camping trip, we’re not for forgetting the necessary precautions to avoid situations like this.


We’re not sure if this is the nerdiest thing we’ve ever seen, or the greatest thing we’ve ever seen. Kudos to whoever made this spit.

Just Hanging Out

We’ve never seen this one before but it looks pretty awesome. We have just one question: How do you get down?

Pure Genius

We actually appreciate this a lot, because once we got done laughing at this we realized that it keeps both you and your possessions safe from wildlife while you sleep. Sign us up!

Who Is Hunting Who?

This guy probably paid a lot of money to go lion hunting, unfortunately the lion had other plans, it seems.

Anyone Who Has A Lamborghinii Shouldn’t Be Camping

Odds are, if you own a Lamborghini you probably aren’t the camping type, and even if you are maybe you should leave it at home in favor of something a little more rugged.

Common Courtesy

If the field we were camping in was this muddy, you can be assured we wouldn’t slam on the gas as we were driving away.

This Guy Doesn’t Understand The Essence Of Camping

We just can’t agree with this in any way. If you don’t like the heat, then don’t go camping!

Animals Like To Feel Included

This is pretty darn funny, and highlights the important of properly storing food when camping.

That’s Not Camping!

Okay, so this isn’t actually camping in the woods, but these people clearly packed as if they were. We hope that discounted plasma TV was worth it…

The Word Is “Extreme”

Not in a million years could you pay us to do this.

Camping Pranks Are Awesome

When camping one should always remember to prank their friends and family – it’s the American way.

Need We Say More?

This guy is sad on so many levels. This situation highlights the importance of shutting off electronics and getting away from it all, not bringing it with you!

Man’s Best Friend

That is one attentive dog! Acting as a guardian of the entire camping site.

Manufacturer’s Sense Of Humor

We would buy this just for the comedic effect of setting it up.

More Important Of All…

This is probably a little expensive, but we love it! Camping without a alcoholic beverage isn’t camping at all!