10 Deadly Disasters We Could Have Prevented

People love to hear about disasters, as long as it does not happen within their local area. Despite being the smartest creature on the face of the planet, human beings absolutely love to make terrible mistakes and destroy almost everything we have and hold dear to us. The following catastrophic events, while terrible at the time, truly could have been prevented if we had taken some more precautions and handled everything a tad bit better. Here are ten deadly disasters we could have stopped from happening.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Back on one fateful day in March of 2012, a tsunami triggered destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, causing three reactors to melt down and explode. The preventative standards in place were quite bad.

Deepwater Horizon

A total of 11 people died on the Deepwater Horizon when it sunk into the ocean, causing a massive oil spill. Nearly five million barrels worth of oil were tossed into the Gulf of Mexico, and it could have been prevented if BP had better management.