10 Creepy Curses You Might Encounter On Vacation

Pele’s Curse, Hawaii

Around eight million tourists head to the beautiful island paradise of Hawaii every year. However, the island is known to be cursed as anyone who takes anything from the island will suffer from bad luck for the rest of their life. The best part is that the curse seems to actually work. The Hawaiian post office regularly receives packages containing stolen treasures as the thieves try to get rid of the bad luck by sending the stolen treasures back to the island.

The Bad Luck Blarney Stone, Ireland

The Blarney Stone is usually associated with good luck but if you take any stones from the Blarney Castle you will suffer bad luck until you return the stone back. There are countless stories of people confessing to actually take something from the castle and returning it not long after because they couldn’t bear so much bad things happening to them.