10 Crazy Rites Of Passage People Actually Go Through

While there are a huge range of different cultures spread across the planet that practice a diverse set of ceremonies and religious rituals, many of them share common elements. One of the most prevalent is the rite of passage, a special set of circumstances that adolescents have to go through to progress to adulthood. Throughout human history, such coming of age ceremonies have played a hugely important role in producing fully formed members of society for all kinds of tribes and communities. However, many of them are suited to the environment and culture they are part of, making them seem bizarre and even insane compared to what others in different places have to go through.

Mardudjara Aborigines

After going through puberty, young boys of the Mardudjara tribe go through a horrific series of different rituals. The first thing they have to do is lay on the floor while elders sit on them and have their foreskin cut off with a sword. Once this wound has healed they are taken to a spiritual site where they have their penis sliced open to the scrotum, allowing the blood to spill onto an open fire.


The Fulani are a nomadic people that live around the western portions of Africa. They have one of the most painful ways to introduce young boys to the rigors that they will experience as adults. They compete against each other in a fight, using specially made weapons to hit each other. The crowd then decides who was the better fighter and they become warriors.