10 Crazy Facts About Octopuses You Probably Don’t Know

Among invertebrates, the octopus is the superhero. Not only is the octopus the most intelligent, it can also regrow any of its arms without any difficulty, dull an enemy’s sense of smell and vision, squeeze into small cracks, swim quickly and camouflage immediately. What’s more, these sea creatures deliver venomous saliva with their bites. They can also kill some species of sharks if they want to. Here are 10 crazy facts about this amazing sea creature you probably don’t know.

Mimic Octopus

The mimic octopus is one of the most adept octopuses in the ocean, as it can transform into an array of objects and animals, including a stonefish, lionfish, stingray and even a sea snake.

Paul The Octopus

During the FIFA World Cup in 2010, Paul the Psychic Octopus was so accurate in his predictions that he got death threats from German people and had to be offered protection.