10 Concept Cars That Will Change Driving Forever

Everyone drives at some point in their life. Most people do it almost every single day on their way back and forth to work. Cars, however, are changing the way transport is happening, though. In fact, very recently a self-driving car was introduced to the world, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride, albeit at just 25 miles-per-hour. There are many, many vehicle manufacturers out there working on new concept vehicles, though. Here are ten of the coolest that will change the way we drive forever.

Peugeot Flux Concept

As the winner of the 2007 Peugeot International Design Competition, the Peugeot Flux is an impressive sports car designed to head off-road and take on almost anything. The coolest feature? The car is being powered by a hydrogen-fueled engine.

Nike ONE

The Nike ONE has a maximum speed of 230 miles-per-hour. The concept car is completely hypothetical at the moment, and developed by the sports wear company. It almost resembles a moon buggy.