10 Bizarre Sexual Traditions From Around The World

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From recreation to reproduction and beyond, sex has a place in every culture throughout the world. Without sex, there will be no cultures whatsoever. However, the way individuals view it differs greatly from culture to culture, as do sexual norms and morality. In some cultures, it is okay to have sexual intercourse with your wife’s sister if your spouse is pregnant; however, in others, not so much. Most cultures recognize monogamy, the practice of having one partner at one time, while some cultures embrace polygamy, the practice of having more than one partner at the same time. Here are 10 bizarre sexual traditions from around the world.


In Indonesia, during Pon celebration, participants have sexual intercourse with someone other than the wife or husband. It is believed that their wishes will come true only if they have sexual intercourse with the same individual at seven celebrations throughout the year.


The Deer Horn Muria are a tribe who live in the forests of Central India’s Chhattisgarh region. They practice Ghotul, a festive mingling of teenage boys and girls to teach them sex, tribal dance, lore and songs. At night, the men and women engage in sexual romps and ceremonial orgies. Women consume a natural liquor to prevent pregnancy and then select different sexual partners each night. If the drink does not work and the woman becomes pregnant, the whole village will adopt the child since nobody knows for sure who the dad is.

Sambian Tribe

Papua New Guinea’s Sambian Tribe have a custom of separating the boys from the girls at the age of 7 for 10 years. During this period, the boys undergo nose bleeds, piercings and have to consume the semen of the tribe’s powerful warriors.


In rural Austria, young ladies do a traditional dance with slices of apples stuffed in the armpits. After the dance, each lady gives her apple slice to the man of her choice, and he then consumes it.

Trobriander Tribe

The Trobriander Tribe of Papua New Guinea embrace sexuality from a young age. Girls begin engaging in sexual intercourse from 6 years, while the boys begin engaging in sexual intercourse from the age of 10-12.

Ladies Who Dedicate Themselves To Fertility Goddesses And Gods

This is a practice that is seen in Greece, Africa, Babylonia and India. It involves the lady dedicating herself and worshiping particular fertility Goddesses and Gods; and in order to please the Gods they would have sexual intercourse with priests and their devotees.

Mehinaku Village

In Brazil’s Mehinaku village, males compete for sex with females by giving them presents of fish.

Marquesas Islands

In the Marquesas Islands, it was considered okay to witness your parents having sex.


Guajiro people in Colombia have a ceremonial dance. If a lady trips a male during the dance, they must have sexual intercourse.

South Africa

There is a polygamous society in South Africa that restricts individuals from having sexual intercourse during the day. Also, this community avoids sexual intercourse during a storm, after the woman’s husband has killed a hyena, python or crocodile, or after having a bad dream.