10 Clever Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice

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These days all of us are bombarded by ads everywhere. They are in the streets, in the subway, played on TVs and popping up while we spend time on the internet. So many ads lead to us being incredible bored from looking at them. Luckily there’s a few imaginative people trying to come up with different, clever ads that make you do a double take to understand them completely. Here are ten clever ads you’ll have to look at twice.

Garnier – For All Hair Types

While it may look like this guy has a luscious long blonde beard, if you look closer there’s actually a woman in front of him!

Schick – Free Your Skin

Free your skin, even if that means growing an animal as your beard.

For Sexier Knees

Without context, this photo speaks about so many other things… and knees are definitely not one of them.

Splashdown Waterpark

At Splashdown Waterpark, free your inner wild animal.

Plastic Bags Kill

We suppose this is one of those bags that should boggle your mind.

Mars Truck Size. Yum!

We wonder how many people tried to lick the truck.

No To Cosmetic Testing

This ad is supposed to make you think about and fight the effects of cosmetic testing. We think it failed spectacularly.

The Other Side Of America

This one is at least funny.

Ozeal – Simply Look Smart

Not only will you see with these glasses but you’ll also be great at maths.

AIAIAI Headphones

“Making sound sexy since 2006”.