10 Celebrities That Have Admitted To Using ‘Adult’ Toys

With celebrities enjoying such an extravagant lifestyle, you would think that their sexual conquests wouldn’t need the aid of a toy. Yet, we know that some still resort to pleasuring themselves with certain items because it’s estimated that over half of the females in the world do it. Either by revealing it themselves in an interview or when the bill of a sex shop shows up, we know some famous actresses who’ve admitted to the guilty pleasure. Here’s a list of celebrities that have some pretty interesting stories involving sex toys.

Kristen Stewart

In an interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Stewart talked about her adventurous stroll through a Japanese sex shop. She talked about buying a mask and other things, but unfortunately wouldn’t dive into any more detail.

Eva Longoria

Very unshy about her sexuality, Longoria explained in a Self interview how she didn’t even enjoy sex until using a Rabbit vibrator. Now, she helps out all her friends by giving them one.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Somebody got really inspired after working on a movie. Gyllenhaal was in Hysteria, which was the story behind the vibrator, and became a huge fan. She admitted to collecting and sharing them with friends.

Halle Berry

When the Hollywood actress isn’t dating anyone, she continues to stimulate herself by working out at the gym and heading to a local sex shop. She believes that maintaining a healthy sex life is very important.

Carrie Fisher

Want a great way to make Christmas morning with the family awkward? Fisher told the story of her mom giving her and her grandma a vibrator as a stocking stuffer. What she did with it afterwards is probably something every Star Wars nerd is dying to know.


The famous singer isn’t shy about grabbing a boatload of sex toys at a store. A receipt from a sex store in Paris revealed that Rihanna spent over $1,500 on candles, lingerie, handcuffs, and more.

Kate Moss

It doesn’t hurt to pleasure yourself in style. We all know the famous model does that when a purchase at Jimmyjane revealed that she bought a $500 little vibrator made of 24k gold.

Jennifer Lawrence

During an interview on Conan, the famous actress spilled the beans about her sexual pleasures when revealing that a hotel’s maids may have found a huge box of buttplugs under her bed. She tried saving herself by saying they were supposed to be a joke, but we don’t buy it.

Beyonce And Jay-Z

Both are lumped into one section because they’re married, and they take the high road in the sack. While they didn’t talk about it themselves, it was revealed that they purchased well over $6,000 worth of sex toys at a sex shop.

Barbara Walters

It’s going to get the initial disturbing reaction, but we have to give credit to the former news anchor and host of The View. Nearing the end of her run on the talk show for women, she admitted that she used a vibrator called “Selfie.”