10 Bizarre Things That You Can Buy In Vending Machines

Vending machines have become part of everyday life for a huge number of people. They provide a quick and easy way to access snacks, drinks and food without the need to travel out of an office or workplace. However, advancing technology and a drive by companies to offer their goods in ever more convenient ways means that there are new types of vending machines popping up all over the world that don’t simply offer cans of soda for sale but bizarre items you would never expect to find. Some are brilliant ideas that make you wonder why it has taken so long to get them in the first place, while other are seemingly crazy and make very little sense.

Live Crab & Lobster

Both Japan and China are home to a number of different vending machines that offer live crabs and lobster for sale. The sea animals are kept cool thanks to a refrigeration unit that makes sure that they stay fresh and don’t die. The fact that there is no need to pay any staff to operate the machine constantly means that the prices are very low too, making the vending machines perfect for those who want some cheap food while on their daily commute.

Dog Baths

Giving a dog a bath can be a pretty arduous task, especially when the usually loveable pet detests being washed and puts up a huge struggle. A French entrepreneur, Romain Jarry who has invented a vending machine that will wash your dog for you, might have solved this problem. The Dog-O-Matic offers a shampoo wash, a thorough rinsing and a blow dry for just €25, leaving you to simply place the animal in the cabin and let the machine work its magic.