10 Bizarre Holiday Stock Photos That Make Christmas Look Weird

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Stock photos and imagery are often used by businesses to promote themselves or their products, thus its no wonder that hundreds of photographers around the world started posting new and exciting images with regard to the upcoming Christmas holiday. However, as times change, stock photos also change. With the idea to truly represent the holiday spirit, stock photos aim to be a reflection of what Christmas is all about. Having that in mind, these 10 bizarre holiday stock photos just go to show that Christmas is getting weirder!

A Fallen Tree

Are you overwhealmed by Christmas? Are the holiday spirits not helpful? Well, this girl definitely doesn’t have things going right for her this season.

Santa Has Found The Wine!

We always wait for the arrival of Santa, but we definitely don’t want him to mix up his milk with wine and stay underneath the Christmas tree instead of the presents.

Holiday Trouble

People can get in lots of trouble during the holidays for various reasons. Thus, it’s no wonder that this stock photo imagery, just like a movie poster, depicts a family, who’s going to jail!

A Doggy Christmas!

How do you decorate a holiday-inspired Christmas tree for your dog? Easy — just put a few sausages on it!

Frosty Pizza!

There is a huge variety of food you can have on the Christmas table, but one type of food can’t be replaced by anything. We’re talking about pizza, of course.

Christmas Away From Home

Who said Christmas should be spent at home? Why not go on a real holiday, somewhere warm and sandy? Beaches and hot weather is the new way to spend the holidays!

Ironing The Beard

Santa should keep his appearance nice and tidy. Ever wondered how he manages to have a soft beard all the time? He irons it.

Gangsta Santa

Some say Christmas is a corrupt holiday and we can’t help but agree looking at this crazy gangsta Santa.

Eating Christmas Away

We’ve all felt out of control when thinking how we have to spend the holidays with our crazy families. The answer to all of our problems – eating Christmas away!

Alternative Christmas

This alternative beauty shows that anyone is free to celebrate Christmas in their own fashion.