20 Impossible Life Choices 20 Somethings Are Forced To Make

Being a 20 something is packed full of daily pitfalls and constant dangers. Navigating the world of early adulthood is a huge shock to the system and the choices you are forced to make can often drive you to the very brink of sanity. When balancing work, friends and finances seems to be taking over your life, making decisions in the day can seem like an impossible challenge. The trials of being a 20 something are very real and if you’ve ever had to face one of these impossible life choices, then we feel for you.

Save Money Or Buy Alcohol And Pizza?

In your 20s, it’s all about money and for most people, there is never enough around. Saving up your paychecks seems like a sensible thing to do, but when alcohol and pizza raise their ugly heads, the choice can be unbearable. You think about ringing your parents to ask their advice but then you realize that nothing beats food.

Reliable, Expensive Furniture, Or Cheap Ikea Chairs?

It makes sense to invest in expensive pieces of furniture to see you through years but as soon as you venture to Ikea, all of your willpower disappears. You know that Ikea furniture will last you for a few months but when it all looks so good, who really cares?

Do The Dishes Or Eat Over The Sink?

You face a daily battle with your sink and at the end of the day, you can’t stomach facing the huge pile of dishes which have been slowly rotting on the side. Eating over the sink makes so much more sense than having to wash plates and in the long run, you’re conserving water.

Drink In Moderation, Or Get More Shots?

The prospect of a hangover is very real in your 20s but when it’s 2am and you’ve been dancing all night, you can’t possibly imagine feeling terrible in the morning. Shots are guaranteed to make your life better, so you make the inevitable choice.