20 Impossible Life Choices 20 Somethings Are Forced To Make

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Being a 20 something is packed full of daily pitfalls and constant dangers. Navigating the world of early adulthood is a huge shock to the system and the choices you are forced to make can often drive you to the very brink of sanity. When balancing work, friends and finances seems to be taking over your life, making decisions in the day can seem like an impossible challenge. The trials of being a 20 something are very real and if you’ve ever had to face one of these impossible life choices, then we feel for you.

Save Money Or Buy Alcohol And Pizza?

In your 20s, it’s all about money and for most people, there is never enough around. Saving up your paychecks seems like a sensible thing to do, but when alcohol and pizza raise their ugly heads, the choice can be unbearable. You think about ringing your parents to ask their advice but then you realize that nothing beats food.

Reliable, Expensive Furniture, Or Cheap Ikea Chairs?

It makes sense to invest in expensive pieces of furniture to see you through years but as soon as you venture to Ikea, all of your willpower disappears. You know that Ikea furniture will last you for a few months but when it all looks so good, who really cares?

Do The Dishes Or Eat Over The Sink?

You face a daily battle with your sink and at the end of the day, you can’t stomach facing the huge pile of dishes which have been slowly rotting on the side. Eating over the sink makes so much more sense than having to wash plates and in the long run, you’re conserving water.

Drink In Moderation, Or Get More Shots?

The prospect of a hangover is very real in your 20s but when it’s 2am and you’ve been dancing all night, you can’t possibly imagine feeling terrible in the morning. Shots are guaranteed to make your life better, so you make the inevitable choice.

Confront Friends, Or Leave Passive Aggressive Notes?

You’re an adult now, which means that when you have a problem with someone, you should probably just let them know about it. The only trouble is that you still have the mentality of a child, so instead of making the mature choice and sucking it up, you send a text and hide under your duvet. Nice.

Do The Laundry Or Buy New Socks?

For some unknown reason, all of your socks go missing at the same time and you face the weekly dilemma of either putting them on to wash or buying new ones. You’ve made new purchases more times than you can count and when you finally get around to doing the laundry, your drawers are fit to bursting.

Go To The Gym, Or Eat A Pizza?

When you face the very real dilemma of gym vs pizza, life doesn’t get much worse. You know that you will feel so much better after doing a workout, but the thought of melted cheese is just too tempting.

Go To Bed, Or Watch More CSI?

You know that if you stay up and watch another episode that you will pay for it in the morning, but the pull of the TV is too strong for you to resist. Decisions like these are what makes being an adult really terrible.

Wake Up To Shower, Or Press Snooze?

You can’t remember the last time you managed a shower before work and your hair is a sorry state, but your bed is just too cosy. You curse yourself for you amazing ability to pick out bedding and press snooze for the fourth time in a row.

Listen To Radio Shows, Or Kanye?

Being an adult is all about expanding your intellectual capacity and whilst you try and listen to proper radio shows, all you can think about is Kanye West. You manage to listen to 5 minutes of the morning news before giving in, which is all anyone really needs to do, anyway.

Bake Cookies, Or Eat Raw Dough?

The endless shots of baked goods on Pinterest make you feel awful about your life, but every time you try and muster up the energy to bake, you always end up eating the dough before it’s cooked. One day you promise yourself you will be an adult, but for now, the dough just tastes too good.

Clean Your Apartment, Or Spend Hours On Pinterest?

When you’re an adult, your room doesn’t clean itself in your absence like it used to do. Whilst you want a home like the ones on Pinterest, you’re certain that spending hours on the social site is a much better use of your time.

Make A Career Plan, Or Wing It?

People that have a career plan sorted out are a rare and strange breed and when you meet one, you can’t help feeling weirded out. You’re pretty sure you’re going to be an international success anyway and you should just let the people come to you.

Keep Your Receipts, Or Hope You Remember?

Keeping receipts is something that your parents always told you to do but somehow, you always end up losing them in your purse. You know that you have amazing memory skills, anyway, and hope that when tax day rolls around, it’s all still in your head.

Buy Healthy Food, Or Order In?

Whilst everyone around you says that your metabolism will begin to slow in your 20s, you’ve yet to see any proof on the matter. You try and start eating more healthily but when you get home from work, all you really want is pizza. It must be a sign.

Save Rent Money, Or Spend It Blindly?

You always pay your rent on time, but the thought often crosses your mind that it might be worth saving money up front so you will have more in the long run. The problem is, though, you want a new pair of shoes now and whilst you want to be sensible, you have money burning a hole in your pocket.

Iron Your Clothes, Or Hope No-one Notices?

In the good old days, your clothes used to miraculously iron themselves, but now you live alone, they’re stopped doing it. You despair at the sight of the iron clad wrinkles in your clothes and whilst you promise to invest in an iron, for now, you hope that no-one will notice.

Read A Book, Or Sleep All Day?

Being in your 20s is all about bettering your mind and so you decide to start reading books more often. The only problem is that reading sends you straight to sleep. Hey, you can’t help it if you need a nap or two during the day.

Go To Bed, Or Take Drunk Snapchats?

At the end of the night, the sensible thing to do would be to turn off your phone, go to bed, and sleep it all off. Instead, you face the burning urge to send everyone embarrassing, explicit Snapchats and 9 times out of 10, you give in to temptation.

Take Out Your Contacts, Or Prematurely Fall Asleep?

You know that your eyes will hate you in the morning, but at the point of falling asleep, there is nothing more time consuming than having to get up and take out your contact lenses. You close your eyes and hope that your lenses don’t migrate round the back of your eyeball.