10 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Clowns

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Whether or not you have a righteous fear of clowns or not, it is difficult to not admit that these beings are creepy and otherworldly in most cases. They wear pale white make-up, color their eyes and mouths red, have large smiles hiding gnarly teeth, and tend to focus on children with their acts. This is the perfect disguise for a demon or a child kidnapper in the making. People have a right to be afraid, but they should at least be informed about these people first. Obviously, not all clowns are bad. Here are ten bizarre facts you never knew about clowns.

On The Contrary

In the Cheyenne Tribes of North America, warriors who dressed and acted as clowns would often answer and communicate in the exact opposite way. For example, to answer “yes,” they may shake their heads in a no motion.

Clown Law

A lot of professionals have their code of conduct or office rules, but even clowns have to abide by Clown Law. These commandments seek to preserve the clown itself as someone who spreads joy and laughter, not sorrow.

Killer Clown

Jean-Gaspard Deburau regularly performed in the streets of France as a clown. One day, while out with his wife, someone began to harass him. Deburau grew volatile and attacked, killing the boy by slamming his head on stone.

Clown College

You’ve pry heard someone use “clown college” as an insult at one point or another. However, there are numerous schools across the world willing to teach all about clowning and being a clown.


Coulrophobia is the intense fear of clowns. This generally varies from person to person, but usually has something to do with a the fear of an unsettling face. Scientists believe this is because a clown face looks almost familiar, but not human-like quite nearly enough.

The Great Clown Of China

In 200 BC, Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang decided to make a move that threatened the construction of the Great Wall of China, making it far more dangerous. He wanted to paint the entire wall in bright colors. The court jester mocked the idea, painting a bright penis on the wall itself. This earned him a good whipping.

The Clown Of Northampton

The Clown Of Northampton was a particularly creepy event that actually took place recently in 2013. An anonymous man began striking fear in everyone in the UK town by standing around – day or night – with balloons in hand.

Clown Gangs

For some reason, the FBI classifies those who love Insane Clown Posse, a hip-hop group out of Detroit, as gang members. In reality, these tatted, face-painted hooligans are nothing more than Juggalos.

Clown Trolling

Real clowns are serious entertainers, but in recent years, a number of fake clowns have begun cropping up around the world. These fake clowns are generally just stunts, but they tend to instill fear in the everyday person.

Clown Cars

The clown car has always been an odd gag, and one that has become immensely popular in pop culture, though it remains amazing. There is no trap door under the car, however. These clowns actually all fit inside at once. They use math to discover how much they can fit inside without suffocating.