10 Bizarre And Unusual Uses For Gold

Gold has been one of the most sought after materials on the planet throughout human history. Everyone from the rich and the powerful to ordinary members of the public have felt the pull of its allure. The fact that it has a distinctive and pleasing look, is soft so can be easily molded into shape, and is relatively rare has made gold valuable. While it is most commonly used as a form of currency or to create jewelry because of these properties, the element also has some far stranger uses that you may not know about.

Medical Implants

While many medical implants will be made of strong materials that is designed to mimic the properties of bone or muscle, gold is occasionally used in things ranging from pacemakers to eyelid implants to help those with paralysis. The metal is particularly useful in surgeries simply because it is very resistant to bacteria and doesn’t erode quickly, meaning infections are much less likely and parts won’t have to be replaced.

Beauty Treatments

Gold has been used in all kinds of cosmetic and beauty treatments for hundreds of years. In fact, the process dates back to at least ancient Egypt and China, where people would rub thin flakes of gold into their skin. They believed it helped to eradicate wrinkles and keep skin looking young, something that many people today still also think considering the number of spas that offer similar treatments.