10 Billionaires Who Hide From The Limelight

Many of us would bask in fame, but not these men. Billionaires have always been in a category all their own. These men hide from the limelight of fame; they refuse interviews and they refuse to be photographed. We’re not even completely sure exactly how much of a fortune many of them have. Some hide behind tall walls, some hide in plain sight. In any case, these ten billionaires are not men you will be seeing on your evening news any time soon.

Success In A Second Career

All he wanted to be was a tennis star. They gave him a scholarship for college because of his tennis skill. But when that didn’t pan out, he went into business. Now, Jorge Lemann is Warren Buffett’s favorite right hand man.

The Owner Of This Penthouse

We only know that this penthouse is owned by a guy. This completely anonymous billionaire, is the proud owner of this New York penthouse which features, among other luxuries, a wine cellar, a theater, a library, and 12 bathrooms.