10 Of The Hottest Female Racing Drivers In The World

Males have dominated motorsports for a very long time, making it incredibly difficult for any woman to reach the pinnacle of motor racing. Females face far tougher challenges than their male counterparts and have to struggle to try to convince team bosses, fans and officials that they were just as good as anyone else taking part.

Fortunately, it now seems as though the trend is shifting to give more opportunities to women who want to forge a career in motorsport. More than ever before, they are being treated as equal to male drivers and are able to make their way up the ladder into top teams and compete at the highest level. This also means that some of the best drivers in the world are now also beautiful women who can dazzle fan both in and out of the car.

Madalena Antas

Portuuguese born Madalena Antas has forged out a successful career in a variety of different motorsport series. Though she has largely been confined to racing in Portugal, she has caught the attention of international fans for her superb rallying skills and unbelievable looks. Antas has also been able to earn money from modelling and enjoys painting in her spare time.

Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff, previously known as Susie Stoddard before her marriage to Mercedes Formula 1 executive director Toto Wolff, is a Scottish born racer who has had a long career in motorsports. She became the first woman to take part in a Formula 1 weekend for 22 years in 2014 when she drove during a practice session and she currently works as test driver for the Williams Formula One team. The 32-year-old has also raced successfully in DTM and British Formula Renault.