10 Beyond Interesting Tales Of Banksy

Banksy managed to burst into the scene sometime in the early 2000s. Since then, the mysterious man has become one of the most discussed artists of our entire generation. He has his own unique brand of art that is often critically acclaimed and just plain criticized by those who witness it. Some say he is destructive, others claim he is a genius. It is all a matter of perspective, honestly. He remains completely anonymous and mysterious, though. Here are ten beyond interesting tales of Banksy.

The West Bank Barrier

The West Bank Barrier is known for being a massive wall separating Israel from Palestine. It is 425 miles long, making it three times as big as the original Berlin Wall. One morning, citizens awoke to discover paintings on either side, all done by Banksy. According to his spokeswoman, the artist was nearly shot multiple times while creating this work.

The Graffiti War

Graffiti has been around far longer than Banksy himself has. One of London’s oldest, most well known artists is Robbo. In a bid for the top spot, Banksy doctored one of Robbo’s original tags, making it almost his own. The two then erupted into a graffiti war throughout London.