10 Atrocities Children Face In Today’s World

Children are always said to be the future of the human race, and adults are generally tasked with protecting these youngsters before they are capable of taking care of themselves. Sadly, that is now always what happens in today’s world. A lot of nations and terrorist armies use children as combatants; offering them automatic rifles and grenades from as early as 8-years-old. Some children are starving, homeless, and have no one who can take care of and guide them through life. Here are ten atrocities children face in today’s world.


From a very young age, Palestinian children are taught that Jewish people are the absolute worst. In order to glorify “jihad,” violence, and martyrdom amongst children, their culture tells them to fight and die for their people.


Much of the world is currently in poverty, but children are handling it the worst. Around 27 to 28 percent of children in developing countries are underweight or have stunted growths. They live without food, schooling, or safe homes.


As of right now, there are currently 50 million refugees currently displaced from their homes. Half of these are children, making the statistics even worse. War is the main cause for their homelessness, meaning that they are constantly on the run.

Access to Education

Sadly, around 100 million children have no access to any form of schooling. Additionally, a lot of children who enroll in primary school end up dropping out. These children drop out of school since it costs their family too much money, resulting in an estimated 150 million children not being able to attend school.


Almost every child in this world has a parent, or parents. Sadly, some of these children’s parents neglect them, resulting in a lot of psychological damage and stunted mental growth.

Child Labor

It is said that around 211 million children are currently spending every single day working for pennies. Of these, 120 million are trying to support their extremely poor families, and are some of the only moneymakers in their homes.

Child Prostitution

In one of the more disgusting statistics, there are children under the age of 18 currently working in prostitution rings. In India, around 200,000 young girls have been sold into the sex trade. Many of these are exploited and never see their homes again.

Child Pornography

The internet is another disgusting place for children to wind up. Child predators make their home online, where child pornography and other disgusting pieces of media are sold. These kids have no choice and are exploited.

Trafficking and Slavery

Trafficking is one of the fastest growing problems in the entire world. People, especially children, are forced into slavery. These children are taken from their homes and sold to other countries where they are forced to work, prostitute, and worse.

Child Soldiers

There are around 250,000 child soldiers under the age of eighteen currently fighting in violent, armed conflicts in impoverished countries around the world. These soldiers are fighting and dying with weapons such as an AK-47 in their hands.