10 April Fools’ Day Jokes That Went Horribly Wrong

Everybody enjoys giving somebody else a little jab during April Fools’ Day. Whether it’s coming up with the most ridiculous story or actually trying to make a story that sounds real yet still completely fake, you can find numerous websites participating in the act. The best jokes are ones that wouldn’t cause any harm, and unfortunately there’s always some people that don’t understand that. Here are some of the most popular April Fools’ Day jokes that went completely and terribly wrong.

Google’s Mic Drop

Just this year, Google regrets adding the “Send + Mic Drop” option for their Gmail users. One person even complained about getting fired from his job because his boss took offense to a GIF image that showed a Minion dropping a mic in an email, which happened each time somebody clicked on the special button.

Football Player Stupidity

NFL players generally do stupid things, so everybody believed that Bruce Irvin was convicted for a DUI when he tweeted out that he was. Turns out he was actually drunk driving when sending the tweet, but wasn’t caught. He apologized to his team and kept off Twitter.