10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Monopoly’

There hasn’t been a more successful board game in history than “Monopoly.” Created by Parker Brothers in the early 1900’s, “Monopoly” is still sold in high numbers today. The board game can be found in nearly 50 different languages and in over 100 countries, and Hasbro prints out over $30 billion in fake paper money annually. It’s a game that also features wildly varying editions as its fused with pop culture and real landmarks. Here are some unique facts that aren’t widely known about the popular game.

They’re Creating A Movie Adaptation

Hasbro has tried to create a movie adaptation of the popular board game since 2009, and it was finally greenlit and financed by Lionsgate in 2015. Let’s hope that it goes a little smoother than Battleship, which had over a $200 million budget and reeled in just $65 million in the United States.

Originally Rejected For Multiple Errors

In its initial form, Parker Brothers rejected the board game because it had “52 fundamental errors.” We’d still argue that the game is too long and it can be a bit complex, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a wild success.