10 Alarming Facts About Organ Trafficking

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There are more than 100,000 people right now waiting for an organ transplant in the Unites States alone. Organs are very, very in demand. And fresh organs on the black market are reaching new heights in prices. Medical doctors, criminals and politicians all play a role in the organ trafficking, taking them from those who can’t defend themselves and selling them to those who can offer the most money. Here are ten alarming facts about organ trafficking.

High Kidney Demand

Every tenth transplanted kidney comes from organ trafficking.

Organ Markets

The reports of the World Health Organization claim that the illegal trade in kidneys has grown so much that more than 10,000 black market organ trafficking operations happen each year.

The Price Of A Heart

In order to get a heart on the black market, one must pay up to 2 million dollars in the black market.

Typical Donor

The typical black market donor is male and he’s between the ages of 28 and 32. The annual income of the donor climbs up to $480 while the typical recipient is a male of about 48.1 years old with an annual income of $53,000.

Dying While Waiting

It is estimated that every day around 18 people die while waiting for an organ transplant.


Some doctors even go as far as to say that the black organ market should be legalized in order to save more lives.

High Earnings

Because of the increase in diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure, kidney prices have been rapidly rising.

Kid Donors

Corrupt doctors and snatchers often take organs from kids that are poor or come from bad backgrounds.


At this point, organs can even be found on eBay.

Hashim Tachi

According to some documents that got leaked from the UN, Kosovo’s prime minister Hashim Tachi has been the big boss behind the illegal organ trafficking operations in Eastern Europe for the last ten years.