You Won’t Believe Ryan Reynolds’ Porcelain Gift to Rob McElhenney

You Won’t Believe Ryan Reynolds’ Porcelain Gift to Rob McElhenney

Do you remember what your best friend gave you for your last birthday? Was it a card with a little bit of cash? Or what about the latest video game on your preferred console?

Those are seemingly normal gifts, right?

Well, actors Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), have a unique relationship—one where buying a public urinal for the other is the norm.

For a little context, in February of 2021, Reynolds and McElhenney came together to purchase Wrexham FC. The two thespians took over total control of the National League football club from Wrexham Supporters Trust, investing a staggering £2m.

Now, we have the setting in place. How about the why?

Recently, Rob McElhenney celebrated his 45th birthday and, as co-owner of the football club, deserved something truly spectacular for his celebrations. Ryan Reynolds, always the jokester, had the precise gift in mind. He would buy a public urinal in the stadium’s bathroom and dedicate said bathroom facility to his co-owner and friend.

Rob McElhenney Urinal Plaque

Via: Twitter/@VancityReynolds

Reynolds made a huge ordeal out of the gift-gifting niceties, complete with a gold plaque, ribbon-cutting ceremony, and a bottle of high-tier champagne.

The plaque itself is truly spectacular. It features Rob McElhenney’s face, an inscription with his name and birthdate above a single urinal at the Racecourse Ground public bathroom. The plaque reads:

This urinal is dedicated to Boert McElhenney on his birthday – April 14.

With love from Wrexham AFC, paid for by Ryan Reynolds.

Speaking at the momentous event, Reynolds said:

Today we commemorate a man, not just any man, Mr. co-chairman Robert Lucinda McElhenney, with this memorial urinal.

If you think about it, this gag gift is genuinely groundbreaking in its own way. The Racecourse is the oldest functional stadium still hosting international games in the whole world. Now, Rob’s face adorns its public bathrooms forevermore. It’s an honor and a privilege!