15 Tattoos You Should Instantly Regret

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Tattoos have become quite a normal thing nowadays, as most people have one or two on their body. Personally, I have plenty of them, as do my parents, and my friends, and the guy down at the local game store checking out customers. However, one thing most people don’t have in common is a horrible tattoo that they instantly regret getting. Or at least they should regret getting it. Some people aren’t exactly smart, so a foolish or horribly done tattoo isn’t out of the question for them. Here are fifteen that will make you rethink your next bit of ink.

Just Face It

Face tattoos are almost never a good idea, but if you are dead set on receiving one, then at least make it something a little cool. Getting a logo on your face is probably one of the worst ideas you could do, though, especially in bright red and blue.

Spelling Mistakes

Tattoos should probably always go through some form of spell check before they are needled into your skin. The artist should probably check beforehand, but it’s also the customers duty to ensure they know what they want and it’s correct.

Pick An Artist, Any Artist

When choosing to get a tattoo most people tend to explore their options by looking around at different shops in their area. An artist has to be good at their craft, but this particular tattoo artist failed to do just that. Taking a stock photo and turning it into ink artwork never looked so bad.

State Pride

Sure, you may have pride in your country, you could pride in your favorite sports team, and you may even have pride in your home state. However, you’ll never have as much pride as this individual who tattooed a homosexual cowboy on their arm.

Brand Loyalty

Sure, everyone loves a particular company that puts out a product they thoroughly enjoy. But do you love a product or a brand enough to have it tattooed on your body for everyone to see? This young woman thought Skittles were better than anything.

Punch Card

Everyone starts off life as a virgin, and most people lose that virginity around the same age, though there is no specific time frame. This young woman made sure everyone knew she was one, and then made sure everyone knew she wasn’t.

Proper Grammar

Proper grammar is quite important to the English language, so finding the correct usage of a word is important. Clearly the “you’re” should have been something else. Perhaps it could have been “your”? I guess we’ll never know since it’s permanent.

Walking Billboard

The man in the picture should be familiar to anyone who frequents the internet regularly. This guy sold a good majority of his body space to different companies, including numerous porn websites, to turn himself into a walking billboard. He’s in the process of having them removed, though.

Telling It Like It Is

Young people get tattoos as if they were nothing important. To some people they aren’t. But when you get something vulgar tattooed on the inside of your lip, then that is stuck that for your entire life. Many people won’t see it, but you’ll know it’s there.

Spelling Error – Part Two

Again, having some form of spell check when getting any form of wording tattooed on your body should be a requirement. “No Regert” just makes no sense whatsoever, and it’s on his arm, which means everyone has to see it daily.

Shoe Replacement

Getting a tattoo on your foot probably hurts, and seems a little bit pointless. Getting a tattoo of a shoe on your foot is even more pointless, especially considering you still have to wear shoes after the fact. At least the design looks nice.

Bit of an Ego

Saying “you’re welcome” after sleeping with someone is a bit narcissistic. Having it tattooed on your body so your partner can see it anytime they are in bed with you is just a bit much. Trying to remove that should be a bundle of fun.

Imaginary Wonders

Unicorns are already pretty odd, especially considering they are completely imaginary. Getting a colorful unicorn tattooed on your body while it is peeing and pooping rainbows is even worse. You just ruined your children’s dreams.

Movie Franchise Options

When selecting a tattoo from a movie franchise, there are plenty of options to select from. The Human Centipede is probably not the best option for anyone. Putting anything to do with that particular horror franchise on your body is questionable.

Baby Face

Aside from the obvious baby face on this gentleman, the tattoos of what appear to be dolphins swimming over his eyebrows make him look a tad younger. Again, face tattoos are pretty out there already. Replace your eyebrows with black circles to get an even weirder look.