You Won’t Believe How Long These 15 Animals Sleep


When people go to the pet store and bring home a hamster, they may be confused as to why their new friend is very active at night. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures meaning they sleep for most of the day and are awake for most of the night. Your pet hamster may sleep for an average of 14 hours a day but can be up all night making all sorts of noise while scampering about in their cage. Next time you think about getting a new pet, make sure you understand its sleeping patterns.


Platypuses spend more of its time in so-called REM sleep than any other mammal. REM stands for “rapid eye movement” and is the kind of sleep in which the brain may be more active than it usually is when it is awake. In humans, REM sleep is typically associated with dreaming. The platypus spends an average of 14 hours per day asleep. Bonus fact: the platypus is one of the few mammals to actually produce venom.