You Won’t Believe How Long These 15 Animals Sleep

Everybody has had one of those days where they wake up feeling extremely groggy because they may have slept in for too long. Who doesn’t enjoy a good nights rest anyway? 10 hours may seem like a long time for a human to sleep but some animals sleep upwards of 15 hours on average per day. Could you imagine spending more time asleep than awake every day? I wonder what these 15 animals dream about.


If you have a feline friend of your own at your house then it will come as no surprise that cats sleep a lot. In fact, cats sleep on average of 11-12 hours per day and sometimes even longer. Cats are actually most active between dusk and dawn which is why you see them spending a good amount of the day asleep while you are going off to work. So while you are having sweet dreams yourself, your cat could actually be roaming the house and exploring or getting into all sorts of trouble. Luckily your cat may also be eliminating any sort of pests around the house as well.


When squirrels aren’t spending their time running around, collecting nuts or being busy in their trees, squirrels can be found spending the rest of their time turning in for a good night of sleep. Squirrels may spend on average about 13 to 14 hours a day sleeping. In fact, they are not usually nocturnal and spend their days awake and nights asleep which is why you may see them so often if you are taking a walk through your local park.