Top Ten Craziest Lady Gaga Outfits

Lady Gaga is considered by many to be the biggest music star in the world today. Often called ‘the Madonna of this era’, Gaga’s music has universal appeal among people from across the world. Winning countless awards and loved by millions, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (her real name) truly is the queen of pop. Yet, despite her illustrious music career, the first thing that comes to mind for many people when you mention Lady Gaga is her eccentric and outlandish fashion sense. Here are her ten craziest outfits to date:

10. Christina?

Resembling a caricature of Christina Aguilera during her ‘dirty’ years, it says something about the rest of Gaga’s outfits when this is considered the least outlandish of the bunch. Surely she would have needed stilt walking lessons for those heels.

9. World’s least practical hat

Looking a bit like a meteorite has unexpectedly landed on her, this headpiece would need a pretty strong hatstand to hold it. Again, Gaga adopts some frankly dangerous looking heels. I imagine having that lump of rock precariously balanced up there will be making her wish she had worn flat shoes.