10 Individuals Responsible For The Worst Genocides In History

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There have been a lot of horrific events happening to people throughout history, most of which tend to lead to a lot of death and sadness for everyone involved. Unfortunately, a lot of these massacres and genocides have been led by only one single person, which is usually a dictator, general, or just a horrible leader overall. In all, a lot of innocent, good people were cut down in the prime of their lives for one man or woman’s end goal in government.

Foday Sankoh

Foday Sankoh, the leader of the Sierra Leone rebel group, Revolutionary United Front, is responsible for the slaughter and rape of thousands of girls and women. His soldiers used machetes to remove the hands, feet, lips, and ears of civilians.

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor was convicted in 2012 in a court in Hague for 11 counts of crimes against humanity for aiding and abetting the rebel groups throughout Sierra Leone. His help led to the slaughter and mass genocide of thousands.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, the former Southern Vietnamese community revolutionary leader, once imprisoned and executed over one quarter million of his own people.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini, also known as Il Duce, was a key figure in the birth of fascism. He is known for loving brutal battlefield tactics, including mustard gas and chemical weapons. As the leader of Italy during World War 2, Mussolini is known for slaughtering civilians and soldiers alike.

Ante Pavelic

Ante Pavelic, a Croatian fascist during World War 2, pursued genocidal policies against any ethnic and racial minorities within his country. This was including, but not limited to, Serbians, Jews, Gypsies, and anti-Fascist groups.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was, obviously, one of the worst criminals in terms of genocide. The man behind World War 2 slaughtered millions of Jewish individuals in the name of his “cause.”

Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin combined concentration camps, purges, and mass executions to obtain a death toll within the tens of millions. He even slaughtered his own troops, especially those who ran, whom he deemed cowardly.

Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold II of Belgium, ignoring all rules set down by the colonial nations of Europe, established the Congo Free State for his own gain. It led to the most brutal and imperialistic regime ever. He was responsible for the death of over 15 million Congolese.

Augusto Pinochet

Despite brutal sociopathic tendencies, Augusto Pinochet was never labeled a genocidal maniac. Instead, his reforms were praised. He was merciless in his terrifying reign against the people of his country.

Mao Ze Dong

Mao Ze Dong’s administration led to the deaths of between 40-70 million people within China and Tibet, all thanks to forced labor, starvation, and mass executions. He was also the founding father of China’s Republic.