Top 15 Rarest And Most Valuable Video Games Ever Made

When it comes to video games, there’s countless retailers and mediums of obtaining them. Now that video games are becoming more and more popular in purchasing digitally, physical copies may slowly die off. For some publishers, a video game may have had a short run leaving the physical highly sought after and valuable. Take a look at your video game collection and see if you’re sitting on one of these gems? Here are the top 15 rarest video games that could earn yourself a heft payday. We have everything on this list from unreleased titles to a video game cartridge that was suppose to be destroyed after a special event. The estimated prices and more details for valuable and rare video games can be found through Racket Boy.

Myria 6 in 1

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System

Developer: Caltron

Estimated Price: $700 – $2,900

Being an unlicensed video game, Myriad 6 in 1 didn’t offer any real standout games. Much like other video games that offer a wide range of video games in one disc or cartridge, Myriad 6 in 1 offered clones of other popular video games and as expected, the sales for this game were poor with low review scores. So what makes this game so rare? Myriad obtain these video games and repackaged them back when Caltron Industries was going out of business. Despite the packaging, the game still featured Caltron 6 in 1 video games, making the Myriad 6 in 1 video games are becoming a gem to pick up for video game collectors but that does come at a pretty hefty price.


Console: Atari

Developer: Ultravision

Estimated Price: $2,500 – $4,000

For those familiar with Atari video games may be surprised to see Karate on the list. The game is widely known and a common title but that is depending on who released the video game. The common publisher for Karate is Froggo but the original publisher of the video game is actually Ultravision. This version is a bit rarer to locate but other than the publisher difference, the Karate titles between the two publishers are exactly the same. Other than being a rare find, Karate is also known widely to be one of the worst Atari 2600 video games of all time, which may come to a shock seeing how Karate could bring in $4,000.