Jimmy Fallon Creates The Perfect ‘Empire’ Parody


Creating a great parody is a lot like re-creating a classic painting. You need to understand and absorb the subject matter in order to realize what is great about it in order to do any sort of justice to it. The show ‘Empire’ has had a lot going for it this past year, creating a loyal fan base in its first season itself while also getting the nod from several critics as well. The show became great for many reasons, and Jimmy Fallon used all those reasons to create a parody of the popular show for his own show.

It must be a challenging task to create viral videos at the speed of Fallon, but he seems to be up to the task week after week. It is definitely one of the longest videos Fallon has created in the recent past, but he makes the most of every minute by focusing on the swag and drama that makes ‘Empire’ so popular.