Harvard Researchers Successfully Activate Body’s Fat Reduction “Switch”

Harvard Researchers Successfully Activate Body’s Fat Reduction “Switch”

Think all fat is bad fat? Think again.

Researchers from Harvard University at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have found conclusively in a new landmark study that some fats kill others in an attempt to “force” the body to stay thin, lean and well prepared for harsh environmental conditions.

First the bad news — bad fats do exist in the body. white fat is the fat you know and hate. It sticks to the abdominal area, fives, arms and legs, creating an unwanted bulk that is both unattractive and unhealthy.

Health professionals typically advocate keeping white fat levels at less than half of what most Americans currently deal with.

By contrast, a newly discovered fat called “dark fat” has been thought by researchers to performs the unsung, exceptionally important role of protecting early human ancestors from extreme cold conditions and simultaneously preventing obesity. This special fat has been theorized to keep white fat levels low, making it a true “fat burning fat.”

Now these hypotheses have been confirmed. “[Speaking about the discovery] It’s reasonable to think that it might provide a direct anti-obesity treatment.” notes Bruce Spiegelman, lead researcher and Harvard Medical School professor of cell biology.

Ongoing efforts to fully understand the unique properties of dark fat have found that certain “cool foods”  are the secret link that activates our body’s natural store of dark fat cells, setting in motion natural body-leaning processes that flush white fat without any exercise required.

“The body doesn’t need to get torn down by manual labor to get stronger. It already knows to lean up and stay athletic when the signs of cold are approaching.


How cold weather foods activate internal fat loss

As discussed in detail in the Pound Melter System, “cool foods” can be somewhat of a misnomer – many of them are served as hot dishes. These foods are sometimes anything but cool.

What’s important is what the body assumes when ingesting these special foods. Certain foods are more available during cold weather conditions, a harsh reality are systems have adapted to over time. When the body detects these cold weather foods, it reacts aggressively to ensure survival during an expected harsh period. It flips the “fat burning switch,” activating dark fats and flushing obesity inducing white fats, helping the body stay lean, mean, and ready for action.

By incorporating cold weather foods into the diet, participants have reported an increase in strength and significant decrease in excess body fat compared to groups following extreme diets that do not properly incorporate these foods.

The Pound Melter System offers full dietary breakdown of cool foods, including how to serve them in meals so that other tasty foods such as pizza, ice cream, and other traditional “anti-diet dishes” can be enjoyed without stimulating white fat cell production.

This is why many have called the Pound Melter System “heaven for the taste buds.” Because it follows the latest Harvard medical science, it is the only system that allows us to enjoy what we eat while internally forcing the body to maintain a lean, athletic state of cold-weather preparedness.

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