Filipino Diving Team Shows Us How To Score Zero Points At SEA Games 2015


If winning the gold medal in diving at the SEA Games 2015 meant scoring the fewest number of points possible, then the Filipino diving team would have nailed it and easily went home with the gold medal! This video shows the team in all their glory and we are thinking we could even make the team, as our diving skills are on par with theirs.

Sure, they had to be good enough to make the team and this was only one dive for each of them, but how could they both do a dive and flop so bad? These dives will make you chuckle, as they are so terrible. They both scored zero points from the judges, but they were high-fiving and enjoying their time in Singapore.

You have to check out these epic fails below and we want to know when we can give it our shot to join the Filipino diving team!