20 Weird Traditions From Around The World

Cinnamon On All The Single Ladies (Denmark)

In Denmark, people throw cinnamon on anyone who is single. At least as long as those men and women are over the age of 25. If you are single in Denmark and you hit 30, you get pepper thrown on you. As if the dating scene wasn’t hard enough.

Boot Tossing (Finland)

Germany has the market cornered on weird birthday traditions. Finland owns the title for weirdest sports. Like wife carrying, boot tossing has been around for centuries.

Eating The Ashes Of Loved Ones (Brazil)

The Yonamamo tribe of Brazil believes that when a loved one dies, the family members must consume their body. This isn’t some grotesque orgy of human flesh-munching. The tribe burns the body to ash and then that ash is mixed into the family’s food. Still not a gourmet meal but…

Applauding When A Plane Lands (Poland)

This is one of those traditions that is hard to pinpoint when it comes to origins. No one is sure why the polish have cornered the market on applauding when a plane lands either. Perhaps the Polish, as a people, are scared of flying.