20 Ways To Reduce Stress And Increase Energy

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Studies show that people today are more stressed out than ever. No matter what your life and work situation is, it can be terribly difficult to balance everything. From managing your social life, to keeping up with school or work, to maintaining a healthy diet and fitness plan, life can be extremely overwhelming.

For many people, just making it from day to day is the main goal, and their full potential is not reached. It is so easy to feel completely drained at the end of the day, and have no desire to do anything other than sleep. Just making a few simple lifestyle changes can drastically improve your mood, lessen your stress, help you get organized, and boost your energy a ton!

​Work Out In The Afternoon

Oftentimes, the urge to take a snooze rolls around in the middle of the day. Instead of hitting the sack, hit the gym! Studies suggest that working out in the middle of the day actually increases productivity.

​Take A Power Nap

Or, take a quick midday power nap instead. Studies show the best amount of sleep for this nap is between 10 to 20 minutes. This will ensure that you get through your day without throwing off your night’s sleep.

​Eat Some Chocolate

Chocolate does contain caffeine, but that’s not the only reason it’s recommended as a snack. There are actually flavonoids found in cocoa that have been proven to boost cognitive skills and improve overall mood.

Have A Cup Of Coffee

Obviously don’t overload on caffeine, but drinking one cup of coffee can really boost your energy and help you get through your long day. Try making it a latte – the added milk is a source of calcium and extra energy.

​Take A Walk

On your lunch break, maybe take a quick 20 minute stroll outside the office. Fresh air improves your mood and increases your energy.

​Don’t Skip Meals (Or Snacks)

Bodies start to shut down if they don’t receive the nutrition that they need. Healthy meals and snack improve your cognitive function.

​Eat Your Carbs

People continue to hate on carbs, but complex carbohydrate (like whole grains) are the one of the best things to eat to fuel your body. The glucose that carbs provide serve as brain food, with a recent study showing that a meal comprising of complex carbs makes subjects feel more energized. Studies have also found that individuals who consume a low-carb diet tend to be moodier.

​Go Sugar-Free

Studies suggest that sugary caffeine-free drinks can lead to a crash similar to the crash that is caused by consuming too much caffeine. Drink sugar-free beverages as often as possible.


In a small office, a nice green plant can help filter out contaminants such as volatile organic compounds and ozone. Those chemicals can have both long and short-term effects, including allergies and headaches. Just by adding a plant to the office, those side effects could be lessened.


Laughter is called “the best medicine” and it is a proven stress-buster, but studies suggest that laughing can also increase energy levels too.


Stand up and stretch it out. If this isn’t enough, maybe take a yoga class. Studies have shown that yoga is linked to fighting depression and anxiety.

​Let In Some Light

Opening the window and letting in some sunlight or fresh air can make all the difference. Vitamin D deficiencies caused by a lack of sunlight can lead to cognitive impairment, so open the blinds and let the light in!

​Chew Some Gum

One study has shown that chewing gum can increase alertness, so instead of nodding off during an endless meeting, eat a small piece of candy or pop a piece of gum.

Think Fast

If you can feel yourself zoning out or dozing off, try reading a bit faster or putting time limits on tasks to make yourself work quicker. Studies have shown that people who do this have an easier time focusing.

​Polar Bear Swim

Try taking a cold shower. Researchers have suggested that even 3 minutes in cold water could be enough to offset the effects of chronic fatigue.

​Indulge Your Nose

Certain scents have different effects on mood. Lemon oil, for example, is considered an energizing scent. Consider getting a glass of lemonade, or even just lemon water, with your lunch. Get a lemon-scented hand-sanitizer to keep on your desk. The slight hint of lemon can make your mood and your whole day better!

​Just Breathe Deeply

Take a minute of your day to practice focused breathing. This can improve your energy for the whole day!

Stay Hydrated

This is vital to staying awake and energetic. It is often difficult to remember to drink enough water, and often, people drink beverages that actually leave them more thirsty (alcohol, coffee, etc.) Even mild dehydration can cause drowsiness, so be sure to keep drinking water all day!

​Turn On The Lights

Lighting can have a tremendous impact on the mood and energy level, so if you don’t have great natural lighting in your office space, try just switching on the lights.

​Be Social

Studies have shown that people who are less social are usually less content with their lives in general and don’t sleep very well. Plus, chatting it up with a friend or co-worker can help you feel more alert or awake!