20 Ways To Have The Best Road Trip Ever!

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If you have never been on a road trip, you are missing out on some of America’s finest vacation destinations. A road trip may sound like an easy vacation plan, and it is because you get in your car and drive. However, there are a few dos and don’ts that we recommend so that you can have the best road trip vacation ever! Whether it is being prepared with snacks and games or packing for a trip into the mountains, we have tips that you should remember when you are prepping for the trip of a lifetime.

Food Passport

When you are on a road trip, the same fast food you can eat any day of the week when you are home is plain and boring. That is the opposite of what you want on your vacation. Every moment of your road trip can be spectacular and unique with a food passport.

Before you head out on your road trip, search for restaurants that are not part of a chain or is only a regional chain for the area you are visiting. Make a personalized food passport with the places you intend to visit inside. Keep a record of the date and time of your visit and grab a To-Go Menu (if they have one) for your vacation scrapbook.

Cookie Sheet activity trays are useful for children on vacation. They are great when you are traveling with adults too.

Attach a magnet to the bottom of snack cups so that the magnets can attract and stick to the cookie sheet. Sudden stops won’t result in sudden spills.

License Plate Bingo

If you are traveling long distances and fear that you might nod off at the wheel without some fun with friends or family to keep you awake and paying attention, license plate bingo is the game to keep you alert for the long drive. Up the stakes with a fabulous prize for the winner to keep everyone motivated to play.

Play Movie Soundtracks

While you are on the road, it is tempting to listen to audiobooks or channel surf for different radio stations. We have a better suggestion. Choose your vacation theme and play the movie soundtrack that best fits your vacation. You can choose an action adventure or a romantic theme depending on your companion for this trip.

If you shoot video out the windshield, the video will capture the soundtrack playing on your stereo. You won’t have to go back and edit out the car noise or add a soundtrack of your own.

Tackle Box Snack Carrier

A road trip requires snacks. If you are a variety snacker, you can tackle that travel problem in a flash. Prepack a new tackle box with your favorite snacks. You won’t accumulate trash or have to buy extra snacks while on the road.

Collect Jars of Dirt

Collect jars of dirt at your favorite destinations. It will build a memory and a keepsake while you are finding the perfect spot to gather dirt on your vacation.

Don’t Over Plan

The fun of a road trip is exploring. You live by a schedule at work so let your vacation time be different. Enjoy the unscheduled freedom to wander and make spur of the moment site seeing decisions. If you must plan, make reservations in a particular location that you can reach within a leisurely drive.

Watch for Billboard Signs

The billboard signs are local advertisements of places you just shouldn’t miss. If a sign catches your eye, follow the directions and let the vacation fun begin.

Talk to the Locals

If you are new to an area, stop to chat with people who live in there. as these are the people who know the area best. They will be happy to tell you what the must see attractions are nearby, and can also tell you where the best food can be found.

Take Along a Camera

The old-fashioned camera is never out of style on a road trip. You should take a lot of photos because vacations require documentation of everything that you’ve seen. You are making memories and you’ll want printable pictures not just the instant ones shared from your phone. It is true that you will look like a tourist with a camera hanging around your neck, but when you are on vacation, you are a tourist!

Pack Light

When you are going on a road trip, it is tempting to pack everything including the kitchen sink, but you want to pack light instead. When you are on a road trip, you will find tons of treasures and souvenirs. You will definitely need extra cargo space for your finds. If you pack light, buy a lot, and still run out of space, you can always ship your purchases home.

Travel With A Map

Digital GPS and online maps are fantastic for driving directions, but an actual folded map or atlas is better for a vacation road trip. You can look for side destinations and use a marker to trace your route. You can take a different route on the way back so that you can see as many new places as possible on your road trip adventure.

Impulse Vacations Are Fun!

When you are traveling on a road trip, it is tempting to learn everything there is to know about the places you are going, but don’t do it! It’s okay to not do your homework before leaving home. Let the adventure unfold as you travel and learn as you go. Your expectations will be lower and you will have fun wherever you find yourself rather than looking for the trendy spots to visit and then be disappointed. Remember that being dumb is fun!

Daily Check In

It’s okay to be spontaneous and on a road trip without a destination in mind. But, for safety’s sake, check in with someone at least once a day so that they know your whereabouts just in case you run into trouble. Let them know where you are staying the night and what direction you are heading next. This is the right thing to do no matter what size group you are traveling with.

Fuel Up With a Gas Card

While you are on the road you will be fueling up often. Choose a gas card that earns you cash back or rewards points that you can redeem later. Use of this card will make your vacation even sweeter as you rack up the miles.

Give Your Car A Pre-Trip Check-Up To Avoid The Breakdown

If you are planning a road trip, make sure your car has a pre-trip check-up. You will be saving yourself headaches if you get the oil changed, a new set of tires, or the air conditioner serviced before a summer road trip. Your car will run more efficiently and won’t be caught stalled on the side of the road if everything is in tip top shape before you head out on your big adventure.

No Luggage On the Roof

If you are preparing for a road trip, you are probably thinking that you need to strap your luggage to the roof. This is something that you will want to avoid because that loaded roof luggage rack makes you a prime target for theft. The luggage rack advertises that you are far away from home and vulnerable. When you are away from your vehicle, your luggage is at risk to be stolen. We remind you again to pack light.

Plan With Your Companions

To prevent arguments over your road trip destinations, plan together and talk about what would make this the best trip ever. If your friend wants to visit flea markets or antique shops, make sure to take time out for that. If you prefer hiking or wandering in new territory, make sure that there is time for that as well. Compromise and communication will help make this a memorable vacation that doesn’t include bickering.

Pack Appropriate Clothing And An Umbrella

If you are traveling into the mountains, you may be leaving warm weather behind. If this is the case, you will want to have a coat, long sleeves, and warm socks packed for the trip. Find out what the weather is like where you are going so that you are prepared to dress accordingly.

Take Out The Road Trip Trash

Empty your car of foam cups and extra trash that you accumulate at each stop for fuel. You will have more room for treasures and be less cluttered. Most gas stations have trash cans available near the pumps so that you can clean out the garbage every time you fill up. Keep a plastic bag handy to use as a garbage bag between stops.