10 Of The Strangest Wars That Have Ever Happened

There are wars being fought over many things: money, power, religion, territory, and even a dispute against a single person. However, sometimes it is less about the honor and the glory and more about simply fighting over the dumbest of things. Human beings love to fight, that much is evident from the past thousand years or so. Throughout that time, and even before it, there were some truly trivial fights occurring for almost no reason whatsoever. Here are ten of the most bizarre wars we cannot believe actually took place.

Lijar vs. France

Back in 1883, the small village of Lijar, located in the south of Spain, became infuriated when they heard the Spanish king had been insulted in France. The small town decided to declare war upon the entirety of France. Not a single shot was fired by the 300 residents, though.

War Of The Oaken Bucket

The War Of The Oaken Bucket is, simply put, ridiculous. Back in 1325, a rivalry between Modena and Bologna went out of control over a wooden bucket. A band of Modena soldiers raided Bologna and stole the bucket, causing an outrage amongst the army of Bologna.