20 Times We Saw a Little Too Much of Kate Middleton

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She is beautiful, elegant, and gracious. She’s a Duchess after all, and the future Queen of England. But she’s also a stylish young woman. And like most stylish young women, she’s shown a little leg in her time. Unfortunately, due to high winds, she’s also shown a lot of butt in her time. Here are 20 pictures of the Kate Middleton when she was showing us a little too much… for a future Queen anyway. Please be aware this may not be safe for work.

Good Thing They’re in Front of Her

Kate went on an international tour with the Prince in 2011 and she, of course, brought none other than the outfit and legs for a great showing. Here she’s seen with fans and obviously, not 100% aware of her surroungings, or her outfit for that matter.

Meeting the President of Singapore

On October 21, 2014, Kate Middleton met the president of Singapore. A little too much breeze caused the pregnant princess’s dress to fly north. Looks like all eyes were elsewhere… except the photographer’s.

Tummy Time

Here’s Kate with her sweetheart, cheering on their team.Yes, she’s wearing pants, but that doesn’t mean she’s not flashing some skin. Here it’s that super tiny waist that’s exposed.

Baby Faced

Here is lovely Kate, looking babyfaced and stylish for a night out on the town. Clutching her purse, she exposes her toned thighs while the pappazarri snap away.

Oh, the Yellow Dress

The one we’re looking at here is far left. Taken in April, when Kate, Will and Baby George were in Australia, Kate had another “yellow dress moment” as she deplaned with Baby G in arms.

Same Taxi Ride, Different View

Here she is again—showing legs, lace and a big smile. But this time, underwear was included. Seeing as there’s no wedding ring on her finger, the Duchess was obviously enjoying her last days of singledom.

Australian Winds

Something about Australia, the winds and stepping off a plane… Seems to be a recipe for Kate showing a little too much. Here she is again, looking positively stunning with her family, but alas, struggling to keep her dress and her coat where they belong!

Tanned Legs

Here’s the Duchess with her Duke, both looking fresh-faced with golden tans. They just left a London nightclub, made it safely to the car, but Kate’s long, muscular legs could not escape getting photographed.

When She Split From William

Nothing like a break-up to want to get out there and feeling beautiful again. Unfortunately, back in 2007, she probably got the Queen’s disapproval for showing this much leg, but ultimately she did win the Prince back, so maybe all that flesh was good for something!

Lots of Glamour, Lots of Leg

Kate showed up to the Place2Be charity function in November 2013 looking stunning in her all-black ensemble, but when she crouched down to speak to one of the little girls, her thigh popped out to say hello as well. Lucky for her, she has great pins!

Queen’s Jubilee

Here the beautiful Kate attends the Queen’s Jubilee. Her suit is super sharp, but one wonders what the Queen must have thought. There’s a whole lot of leg showing. A whole lot.

Polka Dots and Thighs

Anyone getting the feeling that wind is not this woman’s friend? Here she is, adorable in a Topshop maternity dress, at a wedding. And whoops, there goes the dress… again!

Maybe Not For Sports

A perfect dress for watching the Commonwealth games in Glasgow? Yes. Appropriate for day time? Yes. Appropriate for playing Three Tins? Er, maybe not so much. Yes, there’s a lot of skin showing, but with those legs, go for it!

Windy Greetings, Again

When the Princess arrived at Brisbane airport in 2012, she was greeted by a little more than fans as she and the prince switched planes for their flight back to the UK. A giant gust of wind also welcomed the princess and her tiny bottom.

Bottoms Up

The lovely Duchess walks with her Duke in the picture on the far right. It was an unlucky moment for her that the papparazzi was nearby, but a lucky moment for many others.

What Stole Prince William’s Heart

Kate walked in a charity fashion show during college and this is supposedly when the Prince first laid eyes on her. And no wonder, the young Kate looks quite the temptress with this see-through slip and toned body.

Singapore 2012

A truly beautiful dress, but maybe they should consider putting weights in the hems of Kate’s dresses and skirts. Here she is again, with the prince, in Singapore. Fighting the wind.

Catching Some Rays

Kate looks more like a Hollywood star here than the future Queen of England. A perfect body and deep golden tan legs. Not sure any future Queen has ever looked so good.

Hello, Marilyn

Kate had quite the Marilyn Monroe moment here. No wonder the soliders are all smiley in front of the Duchess. She’s absolutely stunning. However, the Royal Family probably doesn’t find the same adorableness as we do.

The Royal Tour 2011

One thing you’ll learn from this picture is that Kate Middleton has perfect legs and a perfect bottom. The dress, which she wore in Canada during the 2011 Royal Tour, is precious. And don’t you just want to know her workout routine?