20 Of The Best Dads On Television

With Mother’s Day out of the way, Father’s Day is fast approaching. To celebrate all of the fathers across the globe, we’ve compiled this special list of the best fathers on television. These fathers have been there for their kids and done what they could for their families. We searched across all genres and decades to find who stood out among the rest. There were many contenders and some didn’t make the list. While they can’t beat your own father, they might be able to give him a run for his money.

Dan Conner From Roseanne

Dan was a family man through and through. He worked hard to ensure that his four children had everything they needed in order to live a decent life.

Stannis Baratheon From Game Of Thrones

Many people are going to think we are crazy for include him, but his speech to his daughter, Shireen, in Season 5 definitely made him rank high in terms of being a great father. His dedication to saving her as an infant was more than many fathers would do.

Walter White From Breaking Bad

Walter White may not seem like the best father when you look at his side job, but the reason he took up the job was to take care of his family. There is nothing greater than risking your own life for the sake of your wife and children.

Louie From Louie

You’ve most likely come across GIFs of Louie speaking to his daughters. He teaches them some of the best life lessons that will most likely stick with them long after he is gone.