20 Things You Will Only Understand If You Have A BFF

You Consider Them To Be Your Future Partner

Even if you’re technically single, you have never felt more loved than you do with your BFF. You can’t imagine any other relationship being this strong and stable and when you think of the future, all you see is the pair of you together.

You Hate Everyone But Them

When your BFF is so perfect, it’s almost impossible for anyone else to measure up. You are so comfortable with them, that the idea of confiding in anyone else sends shivers down your spine. No-one else understands you, anyway.

You Talk Through All Decisions With Them

You can’t make any major (or minor) life choice without consulting their decision beforehand. On the rare occasion that you go shopping alone, you Facetime with your BFF in the changing rooms to get their instant feedback.

You’re Irrationally Jealous Of Their Other Friends

Although you both have a group of friends, you find yourself getting unreasonably annoyed when they hang out together without you. You text your friend like a needy partner and arrange an emergency meetup to resolidify your friendship.