20 Terrifying Premonitions That Shouldn’t Have Been Overlooked

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At some point or another, we’ve all experienced a feeling of déja vu. The notion that we have experienced something before, déja vu is characterized by a creeping sense of recognition which manifests itself in shivers down our spine, or prickles on the backs of our necks. While for many of us, the feeling is not something that goes any further, for a select few, it can turn into something very scary indeed. When feelings of déja vu or premonition actually come true, it can be a very unsettling feeling and while it is something that most of us don’t believe in, it turns out that some cases might be grounded in reality.

Across history, there have been a number of weird premonitions that have come true and it is only by experiencing devastating destruction that some people have been able to realize the gravity of their foresight. Without further ado, read on to find out 20 terrifying premonitions that shouldn’t have been overlooked.

The American Airlines 191 Crash

The crash of American Airlines flight 191 in 1970 rocked the entire world. Whilst reports put the disaster down to an engine breaking loose, it turns out that the plane’s captain, David Booth, had had a premonition of the disaster that was to come. For 10 days leading up to the event, Booth dreamt of a jetliner flipping of the runway, bursting into flames. Whilst Booth told officials of his nightmares before it happened, no-one took him seriously.

The 9/11 Disaster

The events of the 9/11 disaster were some of the most shocking in history and even 14 years later, still make an impact. Wall Street executive Barry Naylor was just one of many who claimed to have foreseen the events, having been overcome by a feeling of dread on the morning of the disaster. Luckily, Naylor’s foresight prevented him from going to work and ultimately saved his life.

The Death Of Greg Buckley

Whilst training for a posting in Afghanistan, soldier Greg Buckley was plagued with terrible visions of his own death, which he could not shake. When another trainee told him that he wouldn’t be needed in Afghanistan, Buckley became even more alarmed. A few days later, Buckley was murdered by the same man, who went on to shoot two more marines.

The Painting Of Reeva Steenkamp

The murder of Reeva Steenkamp in South Africa caused a media frenzy that went on for months. Whilst dying at a young age might be unthinkable to most people, it seems that Steenkamp might have been aware of her fate when she was a child. An early painting shows Steenkamp gasping in horror at a man holding a gun, an image she claimed was inspired by a dream that depicted her own death.

The Lead Up To WWI

WWI is often remembered as the war that never needed to happen and if people had taken Carl Jung’s studies more seriously, perhaps it wouldn’t have. The celebrated psychologist had a number of dreams before the war which foretold later events, depicting the death and destruction which overcame Europe.

The Tarot Reading Of Joe Meek

Joe Meek was a talented music producer who found fame alongside the like of Buddy Holly. Known for his fascination for the occult, Meek would indulge in regular tarot readings and events. On one particular reading, Meek was told that Buddy Holly would die on February 3, 1958, a fact that he could not shake. Despite Meek warning Holly of his fears, they went unnoticed, and when Holly died on February 3 1957 – a year earlier than he claimed – Meek became shell-shocked.

The Littleton School Shooting

When, in 2010, a gunman entered the Littleton School in Colorado, it looked like a huge tragedy was set to happen. Miraculously, though, nobody was killed in the shooting. After the event happened, however, 14 year old Matthew Thieu claimed to have had visions of the shooting a number of months before, seeing himself get shot and wounded.

The Explosion On The Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is notorious for its bombings and tragedies. In 2009, the area was subject to yet more open gunfire and destruction, created by invading Israeli forces. On the morning of the shooting, six year old Baraa’ Abd al Rahman Badawi awoke his mother with screams that his father was dead. An hour later, the family received news that his father had indeed been killed in the events, something which the young boy seemed to know without being told.

The Tragedy Of Flight MH17

Just a few months after the crashing of flight MH370, yet another aircraft was involved in devastating tragedy. Flight MH17 was brought down in airspace over Ukraine, for reasons that have not yet been truly uncovered. Whilst no-one seemed to see the event coming, one of the passengers, Miguel Panduwinata, had been plagued by terrible visions for the days leading up to the crash. Asking his mother what would happen if the plane crashed, Miguel later boarded the doomed flight, and tragically became caught up in the events.

The Hurricane Katrina Tragedy

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating in history and according to sources, one person saw it all happen months before. When monk Jeremy Driscoll heard about the dangers of a hurricane in Louisiana, he had a vision of the storm devastating a huge mass of land, which was deserted. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Driscoll’s premonition seemed to come true.

The Visions Of Anna Schoff

Vocal coach Anna Schoff was plagued by a number of terrifying visions about one her students, Rose Gilbert, who had plans to later move to New York. Despite warning Gilbert of her visions, Schoff was accused of being jealous about the student’s big move and when Gilbert was later stabbed to death in her apartment, Schoff could not believe what had happened.

The Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Sandy Hook school shooting left unthinkable devastation in the local community, leaving 26 people dead and countless more injured. Weeks before, however, 5 year old Logan started having panic attacks and terrible visions which doctors could find no reasoning behind. When the principle attempted to soothe Logan, he screamed that the school was not a safe place to be, something which sadly came true some months later.

The Crash Of Flight MH370

The crashing of flight MH370 rocked the entire world and, with sections of the wreckage only just being discovered, has been a major talking point over the past year and a half. Before the event, passenger Cathy Lawton had been having crippling premonitions, and was convinced that the aeroplane wouldn’t make it to China. Taking a number of worry dolls on the flight, Lawton was sadly to be proved right, and became one of the victims of flight MH370.

The Titanic Disaster

The sinking of the Titanic has been told all over the world as one of the most devastating in history. Terrifyingly, however, the sinking was preceded by a number of disasters which seemed to tell what was to come. Whilst leaving Southampton, the ship collided with another boat which caused a number of people to believe that something bad would happen during the voyage. Others claimed that the champagne bottle failed to break when the ship was christened, an act which is believed to be very bad luck.

The Assassination Of Martin Luther King Jr.

The shooting of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis is one of the most talked about events of the 20th century. Before the tragedy, however, it is said that Luther King Jr. had been plagued by a number of premonitions, which showed him a terrible disaster befalling him. On the eve of his murder, he stated to a colleague that he “might not come back” from his trip, a fact which tragically came true.

The Shooting Of Michael Brown

Last year Missouri was rocked by mass riots, caused by the shooting of civilian Michael Brown at the hands of a policeman. Brown’s aunt has since released statements which claim that he had been having premonitions of his own death a few days before it happened, convinced that he would be shot and be covered in blood.

The Sharon Tate Murder

The murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson clan in the 1960’s was something which rocked both the entertainment industry and the world. Before it happened, Tate had fled to her ex-boyfriend’s house in order to hide from a feeling of terrible foreboding she had been experiencing. Whilst in hiding, she is said to have seen the ghost of Paul Bern, the house’s former owner who had died the year before. Over time, Tate became convinced that the dead figure was actually her, foretelling what was to come just three years later.

The Welsh Coal Tip Disaster

In 1966, Welsh mining town Aberfan was hit with a huge coal tip tragedy which killed 144 people and caused huge devastation in the surrounding area. A few days before, school girl Eryl Mai Jones had a vision of her school being crushed and washed away by something black, a premonition which would tragically come true some time later.

The Death Of Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s death is one that affected the entire Royal family and the majority of the world, who adored the young princess. 6 years after the death, Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell released a letter she had sent him, supposedly detailing the fact that she believed someone was out to harm her. While Burrell’s claims have never been proved, the content has certainly convinced a large population of people.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd Air Crash

It is rare for a band to meet the same, terrifying fate at once, but when it does happen, the world pays attention. Band Lynyrd Skynyrd were subject to a devastating plane crash in 1977, which killed all members on impact. Spookily, the band’s singer Jo Jo Billingsley claimed to have had vivid premonitions of a plane crash the day before it happened, images which sadly came true.