20 Struggles Of People Who Hate Affection

Relating To Cactuses As Your Spirit Animal

You wish, like cactuses, you came with a “do not touch” label, that was to be used at all times. You feel such affection for the little plants that sometimes, you’re tempted to touch one to show it how you feel.

Being Compared To A Cat

Cats get a bad reputation and you’ve never understood why. Sure, they like their personal space, but so do you, and that doesn’t make you a monster. Your cat is the perfect roommate, ignoring you for 90% of the time.

Having To Develop Quick Escape Routes

You’re always alert to the possibility that someone could touch you at any moment and as a result, you have developed a highly technical understanding of escape routes. If someone so much as blinks towards you, you’re out of there.

Instantly Punching Someone Who Touches Your Bare Skin

Your gut reaction is to hit whoever tries to touch you without a full and proper warning. You’ve punched your close friends so many times that they wouldn’t even dream of gesturing towards you, for fear of how you would react.