20 Struggles Every College Student Has Dealt With

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There are many struggles that every college student knows all too well. College students have to learn how to deal with moving far away from their home, as well as learning how to live with another individual. The life of a college student is a unique one and only those that have decided to pursue a higher education can relate. Let’s take a look at some of the everyday struggles that every college student has had to deal with.

Buying Textbooks

Textbooks for college course are ridiculously expensive. Most times you buy all the books listed on your syllabus, only to find out you didn’t even need them, bummer.

Having a Roommate

Going to college means that you will be forced to share a living space with someone. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to share your room with a cool person. If not, just count down the days till the semester is over.

Fire Drills/Alarms

Those unplanned fire alarms in the dorm are annoying. Yes, they could be needed in case of a real emergency. However, if they happen in the middle your shower or while you’re sleeping, you will definitely start to hate them.

Comprehensive Final Exams

When your professors tell you that your final exam would be comprehensive, you probably freaked out. Its kind of hard to try to remember and study everything you learned in one semester.

Pulling an All Nighter

Every college student has pulled an all nighter at least once. Trying to stay up all night cramming test information into your brain is exhausting.

Getting Drunk For the First Time

College is all about experience. Having your first drink and another, and another that eventually led to you getting drunk will always be an experience. You will definitely remember getting drunk thanks to that hangover the next morning.

Choosing a Major

Going to college is all about deciding what kind of career you’d like to have. If you’re unsure when you first start, choosing a major could be hard. You’ll eventually have to figure things out to make sure you don’t waste four years of your life.

Student Loan Debt

Going to college probably means you have to take out student loans to pay for tuition. Many college students are forced to deal with all of the student loan debt once they leave college, even if they don’t graduate.

Choosing Courses

The joys of college is being able to choose your own schedule. You may make the mistake of choosing an 8 a.m. class, knowing you’re not a morning person. Or you could schedule a late Friday class, putting a damper in the start of your weekend.

College Cafeteria

If you’re staying on campus, you’re forced to get a meal plan and eat in the cafeteria. The food can either be really good, or make you miss those good home cooked meals your mom made.

Being Homesick

College is a great opportunity to enjoy life on your own. Sometimes you may get a little homesick and want to be around the people that may know you the best.


It’s hard to study for four different classes and try to maintain a social life. You have to focus on one class, just to get ready for a test in another class.

Lazy Meals

Sometimes the cafeteria is closed and you’re too broke to buy something to eat. You will create an easy, lazy meal that will cure your hunger to get you through the night.


Procrastination can either help you or hurt you. Some people are able to write their best papers at the last minute. Other people have a hard time trying to get everything done at the last minute and may overexert themselves.

Being Broke

After spending money on books and tuition, college students are flat out broke. They either don’t have a job because they’re focusing on school, or they’re working just to pay for school.

Freshman 15

Getting adjusted to your new surrounds means eating different foods on an everyday basis. Most freshman college students gain 15 pounds or the ‘freshman 15’ after their first year.

Group Projects

Those dreadful group projects can always put a damper in your spirit. With Group Projects you were probably stuck with people that never contributed to any of the work. They only showed up when it was time for presentations.

Community Bathrooms

Living in a dorm with community bathrooms will freak anyone out. You have to shower and do your duties in the same bathroom that is shared with every one living in your facility.

Reselling Books

You bought that book for one class and paid about $200 for it. When you go to resell it, they either tell you the book will no longer be in use or they’ll give you a measly $20 for it.

Life After Graduation

After you’ve completed all of the courses, it’s time to graduate. Figuring out your next move after college could make you feel anxious and nervous. At least you can officially call yourself a college graduate.