20 Snipers Taking Things To The Next Level

Francis Pegahmagabow

As a native in Canada, Francis was the type of soldier who ended up fighting in World War 1 as a sniper. He was credited with over 378 kills during his tour of duty.

Gary Gordon and Randy Shugart

These two exemplary men are listed together due to their feat, which was done as a pair. The two members of US Delta Force were awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for their attempt to protect a crashed helicopter in the Battle of Mogadishu.

Thomas Plunkett

Thomas Plunkett, an Irish soldier, became famous for his fatal 600 meter shot of French General Auguste-Marie-Francois Colbert during the Peninsular War of 1809.

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle should be known by many now thanks to the movie and book, American Sniper. Kyle has been called the deadliest sniper in US history. The man had 160 confirmed kills during his time spent in Ramadi. The enemy called him the “Devil of Ramadi.”