20 Silly Looking Creatures Waiting To Crash Your Summer Vacation

The ocean is a place we go to relax, to have some fun in the waves, and soak in the sun. Are there better ways to spend your vacation than at a beach, surrounded by peace and serenity? Well, if you’re in the water, cooling down and letting your mind wander, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is the creepy creatures lurking below you. Here are twenty of the silliest and most ridiculous looking creatures that inhabit the seas — some that maybe you’ll even see.

Leafy Sea Dragon

This creature doesn’t look so bad, at least for a patch of seaweed that managed autonomy. The leafy sea dragon is an official emblem of South Australia, because Australian’s are allergic to normal animals.


This is the bubblefish, a creature that looks exactly like a goldfish that’s holding its breath. It likely doesn’t even realize that it is able to breathe under water, bless him.

Kissing Fish

The kissing fish is always in for some tongue action. In fact, the kissing fish uses it’s protruding mouth to fight other fish.

Yeti Crab

Being a crab isn’t too bad. Well, except for the frankly unsettling amount of hair covering its body. The Yeti Crab is very un-crustacean like to say the least.